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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  February 16, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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♪ >> you're watching the "journal ." >> i am monika jones. >> the headlines -- prosecutors in germany as a parliament to strip the president of his legal immunity, saying there are serious questions to be answered. >> anger in greece. athens' approach is criticized. >> in syria, the regime of bashar assad continues its violent onslaught on the
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opposition. ♪ >> we began with breaking news. a major development in the scandal surrounding german president christian wulff. >> prosecutors are petitioning the parliament to lift his immunity. >> the move could pave the way to an investigation into the president's financial dealings. he has been under fire over his failure to disclose a private home loan from a wealthy businessman's wife and his attempt to block a newspaper from reporting on it. he has also been criticized for accepting free vacations from friends. the president insists that he has not broken any laws. all right, let's go to our political correspondent terry martin. this is a huge announcement. what has prompted prosecutors to go to parliament and ask for the president to be stripped of his protection? >> as you mentioned, the
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allegations that christian wulff had been involved in, all sorts of dubious dealings, while he was state premier in lower saxony have been at around for awhile. people are just wondering what is with those allegations. the public prosecutor cannot even begin a preliminary investigation into any of these allegations you mentioned, that christian wulff took a home loan that perhaps he should not have taken at a very low interest rate, that he accepted free vacations. the public prosecutor cannot look into those as long as he enjoys the community that is attached to his office. they cannot even begin a preliminary investigation. they cannot look at records. all that is happening right now is that the public prosecutor has decided that these allegations are sufficient to warrant asking the bundestag to lift the immunity so they can
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look into the allegations. this could clear christian wulff or it could lead to more serious results.s.s.s.s.s.s.s. would you say that the pressure with this news will force the president to step down? >> this is certainly too early to say anything about that. we did not even know if the parliament will vote to lift christian wulff's and unity. a quarter of the members will have to vote in favor of lifting immunity before this goes further. then the public prosecutor can begin its investigation if there is to be an investigation, and only then can things go to the next level. >> as always, thank you very much. now to greece. the euro crisis and the bullies. greek politicians are angry, demanding respect from countries in northern europe. >> the president of greece today
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publicly pointed the finger at germany, the netherlands, and finland, asking -- who are they? to install the greek people? >> politicians went public with their disgust that greece may not be keeping its promises to cut spending in order to receive another bailout. >> our coverage begins in athens. >> the headlines in greek newspapers were scathing. some accused the german finance minister of torturing and greece. others say that germans want the government of monkeys in advance. twice this week, wolfgang schauble has called reset bottomless pit. now he is questioning parliament's promise of reforms. in a radio interview he said, even now i am not sure that everyone in greece pose a political parties is aware of the responsibilities they bear for the situation the country is in. the greek president reacted angrily. as agreed, he said, i do not
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accept wolfgang schauble insulting my country. who is he to insult my country? many greeks say the austerity measures demanded by the eu are too much, too soon. >> they should give us some time, you see. it is not very easy to change things for monday to the other. it is impossible. the people have a very hard time here. >> the greeks say they have taken their medicine. now they want europe to deliver the second bailout. >> all right, let's get our correspondent nina. she is on the story in brussels. what are you hearing there? two other eurozone countries a truly trust that greece will the with the promises when it comes to cutting spending in the budget? >> well, it is true that we have heard a lot of commons of
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mistrust over the last few days. i believe what is happening is that we're reaching a climax in the greek debate. patience has been running then. time is running out. there is a level of mistrust that after the elections, any new party will also stick to what has been agreed. that is the big worry that the europeans are still not sure about. because they know that the public mood in his getting even more angry. they are worried that with the new elections, some extreme parties might come to part. >> the greek finance minister has also spoken of forces that are trying to push at the end of a the eurozone. is brussels now seriously contemplating that outcome? >> well, no, not officially, at least. on monday, the finance ministers of the eurozone are getting together again in brussels. they will have to assess whether or not greece has met the terms. there was positive news on
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thursday where greece and the jury gets agreed on where to cut the 325 million euros that was still missing for this year. that is positive news. but the troika also had bad news for the europeans, saying that even a second rescue package is not enough for greece to meet its long-term, medium-term target of debt reduction. so there is plenty to discuss for the finance ministers on monday. we will know more on monday. >> yes, we will. as always, thank you very much. all right, there is reason to buy to think that the u.n. security council will soon try again to pass a resolution against the violence in syria. >> you may remember russia and china vetoed a resolution last month, condemning the crackdown in syria. >> and now some movement. france says that russia is signaling a willingness to compromise and revisit the possibility of a resolution. we have this report.
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>> there has been no let up in the shelling of syrian opposition strongholds like homs and deraa. attention is focused on u.s. diplomacy. western countries want them to persuade russia to drop its a video of a resolution. -- its veto of irresolution. >> i cannot express my opinion and the french proposal, because i received none. the minister told me that they are thinking about a new resolution. >> but after their talks, the french foreign minister said russia's still had reservations. >> i called them it is a bad excuse to say we could find ourselves in the same situation as a libya. it is stated clearly in this draft resolution that there will be no military intervention. >> but it is not just russia blocking u.n. condemnation.
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china also vetoed a previous resolution and is planning to send an envoy to syria. while diplomats wrangle over wording and votes, syrians continue to die in a regime of violence. >> welcome to the earnings engine and general motors revved up in 2011, reporting a record income of $9 billion. but europe did not help there. the gm european division opal lost money last year. opal has turned a profit in only one of the last 12 years. the troubles are blamed on weak demand across the continent and overseas. the news is fueling speculation that gm could soon move car plants out of europe. >> ok, to the markets now. stocks and the euro rally today on strong u.s. economic data. and news that eurozone leaders or on track to approve a crucial bailout for greece.
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conrad has a round up from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> shares of carmaker is depending heavily on the week. the european car market came under pressure this thursday. shares in the french automaker, for example. compared to this, dime larkin a bmw, and volkswagen did not perform too badly. most of the german auto makers can be very happy that they have such a favorable position on the world markets. opal is an exception. the subsidiary of general motors is not allowed by the mother company to sell its cars outside europe. >the news for spain and france, the two eurozone countries managed, without any problems, to issue new government bonds on the capital markets worth more than 12 billion euros. >> let's take a look at some market numbers beginning in frankfurt, germany's blue-chip dax ended the day slightly on the low side.
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euro stoxx 50 also slightly down. the dow jones industrials up going strong, up by almost 1%. the euro is trading for $1.3105. >> do not expect a bigger piece of the pie. that is what germany's biggest companies are telling workers ahead of talks on pay. >> the president of the german employees federation has warned the country's trade unions not to expect too much. companies say economic growth this year will be anemic compared to 2011 and pay increases will have to reflect that. >> for years, germans have made do with very slim wage increases. their buying power actually sank in real terms because of inflation. that wage restraint held in germany whether the economic storm. but now the unions want to see substantial raises. employers say that would rob
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german firms of their competitive advantage. >> in global rankings, we are world leaders when it comes to pay. our collective bargaining policy has been a productivity-related in recent years, and it already was even before the crisis hit. >> this year, employers and unions will be conducting pain negotiations for some 9 million employees. the metal workers are leading the way with the demand for 6.5% more pay. public-sector unions also want a piece of the pie. >> taking into account developments in europe and the strong emphasis on exports, we say now is the time to stimulate domestic demand. the workers have earned their share of the benefits from the economic success we are enjoying now. >> that is a view even being echoed in berlin. at the start of this week, at the employment minister called for substantial raises. but the employers say that is
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none of her business. german law says they and other workers are solely responsible for concluding pay deals, without any interference from the government. >> in less than four days, we will know who will win the golden and silver bears this year the berlin film festival. >> today's highlighted the much- anticipated premiere of "mercy" by a german director. it tells the story of a german couple who emigrated to norway to make a new start, but guilt threatens to tear them apart after a hit and run accident leaves a young girl that. is the movie in the running for the golden bear? all right, let's turn that question to thatguru at the berlinale, who is trying to stay dry there. do you have mercy for "mercy"? >> none whatsoever.
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this film is everything that is wrong with european art house movies. long and boring. it is beautifully shot. the actors are great. two of my every german actors. but it is just too much. basically, it is just long and long shots, a beautifully shot landscape pictures. but i can rent a tourist video for that. i would be surprised that this film wins anything, except maybe some the for the actors. but no, no mercy for the fell. >> what i love about you is you really tell me what your thinking. we appreciate that. is there anything you saw today that he would say is more convincing? >> most definitely, yes. i saw a danish film that is in competition called "royal affair." this is a costume drama, which i usually take. but this is a different take on the genre. the actors do not act as if they are in a costume drama. they act like real people.
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it is dramatic, exciting, funny, and quite sexy. >> all right. we hate costume dramas as well, and we hate it when you get wet, go inside. thank you. >> i would swap with him. >> ok. but do not go away. we are right back. ♪ ♪ >> where do you prefer to use
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dw? let us know where you are taking us. perhaps your snapshot will win. please send your pictures to we're giving way 3 ipad and 20 nokia smart phones. for more information, go to >> welcome back. air passengers at frankfurt airport are facing two days of travel chaos. 200 workers to direct airplanes walked off the job today. >> and they plan to do the same tomorrow. their union wants a pay raise and better working conditions. the strike could mean the cancellation of half of today's takeoffs and landings and domestic and european connections will be worst hit. lufthansa already cancelled 100 flights. information about delays could be found on the web sites of the
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affected airlines. >> earlier, we talked to our correspondent at frankfurt airport and asked her for an overview of the situation there. >> actually, the situation here in frankfurt is pretty contained. we do not have a lot of passengers stranded here yet. but frankfurt has already up to their service units. there's a lot of service personnel trying to inform passengers. and there are beds for those who might get stranded here. all-in-all, more than 100 flights canceled, but the worst part of it is that the parties are not yet on the negotiation table. negotiations between the unions and the airport will go on tomorrow. they hope they will come to a conclusion. for now, the demand is being rejected for 70% higher wages for their employees. it seems that the suit -- the
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situation is kind of steps there. if they're not coming to an agreement by tomorrow, the strikes might go on over the weekend of for the time being, as i said, the situation seems pretty contained. frankfurt has organized extra workers who are filling in those shifts for the people on strike. for the bombing, it is pretty calm here, but let's wait and see what is going on tomorrow -- for the moment. >> berlin pose a military forum is in full swing, and that means bases are not only shutting down here but also abroad. for example, in the united states. >> part of reforms for a smaller, more -- bundeswehr, there are meetings in texas, a fort bliss. >> the german defense minister had bad news for bundeswehr at fort bliss in el pass, texas.
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the bundeswehr has had its air force training center here for 55 years. they're learning to use the page written as a defense system. but germany says it will close the center. >> in future, and training will be concentrated in another area. exercises will mainly be concentrated in crete. our missile defense here at fort bliss will no longer exists in its current form. they also visited a training center at the air force base in new mexico. the cooperation with the u.s. air force here is to continue after the bundeswehr reform. >> we have to share everything at the airfield, including the aerospace. there are clear rules and agreements. it works perfectly, just like with any of the german unit in germany. there is no friction. >> german troops said they enjoyed the respect according
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to soldiers here in the u.s. it is sending did not get in germany. and that is another thing they want to change. >> anyone leaving the bundeswehr should be proud to have worn the uniform. he wants to -- the minister wants to start a unit for people who serve will be treated with the same honor and respect given to american service veterans. >> what you do if you are a first generation dictator desperate to submit your regime's legitimacy with your own authority? >> that is obvious, you throw a parade. a massive military parade. that is exactly what kim jong un has done in north korea. >> the young and inexperienced new leader is marking the birthday of his late father kim jong il, who died of a heart attack in december. >> state media has been broadcasting the event around the clock to get rid of any idea that the family has lost any of
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its influence since the communist nation was created back in 1948. >> here on it dilapidated block of flats in p'yongyang, north korea's founding father, kim i sun. he became supreme leader and the country has run the country ever since. in 1994, his son kim jong-il to dover and ruled until his death late last year. the deaths of both leaders were coming by extravagant public displays of morning. whether stage or genuine, it is difficult to say. the orchestrated images broadcast by state media, like this footage of industrious workers, have little to do with reality. north korea is one of the poorest countries in the world. that is the assessment in the west, although rival statistics are hard to come by. infrastructure is primitive, and there is a chronic shortage of
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raw materials and power. to either the north koreans live on state rations, often just a bowl of rice a day. the country is dependent on international and the huge amounts, some of them from the eu. harvest's often fail, and the country cannot feed its own people. the planned economy is focused on heavy industry, especially the production of military command and weapons. north korea has the highest percentage of soldiers per- capita in the world. their new supreme commander is kim jong un. the young leader seems to be continuing the policies of his father kim jong il. ♪ for years, north korea has unsettled the international community with its missile tests across a border that divides the korean peninsula. south korea is nervous about the intentions of its unpredictable neighbor. the country's nuclear program has become an international issue, but it is still unclear
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whether the regime has successfully developed a functioning nuclear bomb. >> never sending a little bit more pleasant. it is the biggest society event in austria, the viennese opera ball. >> the dress code has not changed in 57 years. white ties and details for the gentleman, floor length gowns for the ladies. >> every year, the auditorium of the vienna state opera is turned into a large ballroom. >> and the night opens with a debutante procession.+ here is a look at how they prepare for the big night. >> for him, these dance steps are as important as his qualifications. he and his dance partner are practicing for their first vienna opera ball. >> a chance to dance at the vienna opera is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity. >> the debutante procession and
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dances in split information on the opening evening. every year there is a new choreography. just being here is an honor. it is like an elevation into fine viennese society. ♪ >> it is madness. you get to see the politicians and the opulent -- opulent backdrop to the ball. >> the opulent surroundings are the vienna state opera, the very heart of society in the city. >> coming in here makes you feel in all. you have to lower your voice a little. >> this is the ball's organizer. she is in charge of deciding who sits in which exclusive box. anyone who is lucky enough still has to pay the price, more than 18,000 euros for one of the top spots. >> a prominent dress boxes the middle one you see, and the first floor. that is where the austrian
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government entertains. our president has a state guest, ban ki-moon. >> politicians and stars. this year, hollywood actor roger moore will be among the guests. >> of vienna is walled city during the carnival season. you hear a waltz's everywhere. every child knows how to move to it. the blue danube gives everyone goosebumps. >> above all, the debutantes. he and his friends pick up their tickets just before the last rehearsals. they are at a knockdown price of 100 euros instead of 250 euros. just before the ball, everyone is practicing for the big event. and every step has to be perfect for the young debutantes.
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choreographers give them the finishing touches and tips. >> mozart, a viennese waltzes, strauss and his sons, now that is austrian. if you dance to that, it is the best thing imaginable. >> and then, just spend the night waltzing and waltzing the hours away. >> all right, that is what we are going to do after the show. in germany, the big freeze may be turning into a slope thaw, the many waterways are still covered with a thick layer of ice, perfect conditions for a winter sport that is all about speed, vice yachting. sunshine and ice with the low fraction of the skates means the vessels thunder across the surface of lakes and rivers, an exhilarating experience that has the ice boats moving back and
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forth before the season is over. >> another big event is the high point of germany's carnival season. ribble lists are out in force in the carnival strongholds along the rhine river. festivities kick off in a big way in cologne. tens of thousands of revelers waited for the signal that starts fat thursday. the high point of the carnival comes next monday, with parade'' that attract millions. by the way, on fat thursday, when men cut off the ties of the gentleman. so watch out. >> you have been there before, right? which i avoided like the plague during carnival. >> i love it. stay with us. we will be back at the top of the hour. >> do not go away. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute
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